How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

How to brew that perfect cup of tea…It is simple enough but here are some very important tips to maximize your tea experience.

A couple of things to remember:

Ensure that your is tea is stored in a proper airtight container at room temperature, away from light but not in the dark and away from any moisture.

If you buy your tea in bulk, place in a large container and remainder which will be used daily or more often, in a smaller container. Why you might ask? If exposed to the air for too long, the tea leaves quickly lose their aroma and flavor.

Always use fresh cool water. Don’t ever use pre-heated, hot tap water or water sitting out or from the fridge.

Heat the water and pour it over the tea. Use 1 cup of water for every 1 teaspoon.

Water for each type of tea:

For green teas and oolong teas, use water that is at the point where the bubbles are just about to form. 

For black teas, use boiling water.

Steep the loose tea leaves and then pour the brewed tea through a strainer into your cup. 

Bonus tip-

You could steep the tea in an infuser for about 5 minutes. Remember, to not overpack the infuser so that the tea leaves have enough room to expand completely.

You can tailor it to your own preferences as your personal taste may vary from someone else’s. You can make changes to the measurements and brewing times and see what is best. You can add other ingredients such lemon, a touch of honey, other herbs and flowers, whatever you like. The key is to experiment always. 

Last but not least, the perfect tea is brewed one cup at a time versus a large quantity.


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