Lady Slipper Root C/S

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  • Botanical Name: Cypripedium pubescens

    Nerve root is a plant that many people recognize as “lady’s slipper.” But don’t confuse nerve root with Calypso bulbosa (Cypripedium bulbosum) or Cypripedium parviflorum, related species that are also known as lady's slipper.

    People use the root and rhizome (underground stem) of nerve root to make medicine. It is used for heavy menstrual periods and diarrhea. Nerve root is also used for trouble sleeping (insomnia) and related anxiety, emotional tension, hysteria, anxiety states, agitation, and nervousness.

    Nerve root is sometimes applied to the affected area to treat vaginal itching.

    Nerve root might act as a drying agent to help shrink blood vessels.

  • Botanical Name: Cypripedium pubescens

    • Menstrual problems

    • Diarrhea

    • Sleeping disorders

    • Anxiety

    • Vaginal itching (when applied topically)

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