I Love My Hair!

Here is a quick recipe for those of you who are serious about your hair!

Combine in a bowl the following:

1 Tablespoon of Shikakai Powder

1 Tablespoon of Amla Powder

1 Tablespoon of Bhringraj Powder

1 Tablespoon of Aritha Powder

Add 1 cup of boiling water to mixture.

Allow the infusion to sit for 10 minutes. Once cooled, apply mixture to your hair, gently massaging into your scalp. Rinse hair well with warm water. Let your hair air dry. If you wish, follow up with light spritzing of amla or coconut or castor oil to condition the hair. 


If you have dandruff or scalp problems, you can add a 1 teaspoon of Neem Powder to the above mixture.

Bonus Tip:

If you have very oily hair, you can also add 1 teaspoon of Liquid Castile Soap to the mixture.


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