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Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil

Amazing product!
I love Sunrise Botanics for their lower shipping flat fees and fast processing rate!

Jujube Ziziphus (Da Zao) Berry Red
Belanger comtois Belanger comtois
Rotten product

I got many dates that are rotten

Just what I needed.

I had an order to fulfill and was short on deodorant containers, they came right on time...super happy 😄

Perfumery Alcohol Liquid
Marie-Eve Nadeau
Activité projet

J’ai utilisé votre produit pour un atelier de parfum que j’ai organisé avec les élèves de mon groupe. J’ai pris le format de 1 litre et j’ai n’ai eu suffisamment. Les enfants devaient créer un parfum avec des huiles essentielles pour la fêtes des mères ! Très réussi! Je vais le refaire l’an prochain!

Vervain Blue C/S
Conrod Webley


Cinnamon Bun Fragrance Oil

Pickling Spice

the best spice mix for pickles! regularly goes out of stock though, so get as much as you can

Annato Seed Powder
Liette Lehoux
Annato seed

Delicious in rice



Eucalyptus Dives excellent

You get all you need from this pure essential oil. Its provenance, its exact chemical contents, and, of course, the thing you bought it for: its amazingly beautiful and healing aroma. It's taken care of a chronic sinus I've had for years. Thanks to Sunrise Botanics for providing this excellent alternative to the harsher forms of eucalpytus.

Didn’t answer my emails regarding defective product

Terrible customer service! I recently ordered psyllium husk from Sunrise Botanicals, but unfortunately, I found a large insect inside the product after a few days of consumption. I immediately contacted their customer service to request a refund, but it has been over a week, and I have not received a response from them. As a first-time customer, I am extremely disappointed with their lack of communication and concern for my well-being.

Given the safety concerns associated with consuming a product containing insects, I am shocked by their unresponsiveness. I have always believed that customer service is the backbone of any successful business, and unfortunately, Sunrise Botanicals has failed to live up to this standard. I would caution anyone from purchasing their products until they can prove that they are willing to take their customers' concerns seriously.

In light of my experience, I have no other choice but to give Sunrise Botanicals a negative one-star review. I hope that this review will grab their attention and prompt them to take action to resolve my issue.

Shilajit Pieces
Michelle Lapierre
Shilajit Pieces

Thank you for this quality product. Always excited to place an order with Sunrise Botanics

Cornflower Whole
Angela Binch

Thank you, I'm just starting to enjoy it and the immense benefits♡

Celandine Herb C/S
Mila Avgousti

Celandine Herb C/S

Paul D’Arco Bark

I enjoy this tea very much and will continue to order it.

Red Root C/S
Pierre Bernier
good quality product

good quality

Bug Be Gone Fragrance Oil

Ginkgo Leaves C/S
Valerie Nkoy
Ginkgo biloba

Meilleurs des produits


It did not came with the shape i am use to. What I had in the past had more leaves. You don't see the leaves when it's dry up.When put hot water on your blend I could see some leaves are opening up.

Dendritic Salt
Debra Whalen
Works great!

The dendritic salt worked great to hold the fragrance in my bath milk.

Chervil Herb C/S
Jennifer Stovel

Delighted with product

Rhodiola Root Powder
Geoffrey Rota
I like it for the price I'm happy but I don't like the lack of information on the packaging compa...

Looks like a good product, was easy to order online . The price was reasonable and shipping was fast.
I only have one suggestion that is extremely relevant to my assurance of quality in the product.
This is very concerning to me and makes for an unsettling experience while consuming this item.
I would like to have some information on the package of the product showing where it was sourced, if its organically grown or contains any harmful chemicals.
An analysis would be nice showing if it contains any other chemicals or lead/heavy metals ect.
Just basic information to give assurance of the quality and safety for consumers consumption.
This is what I've found on other sellers Rhodiola root powder but not from this company

too much wood chips

I would love to see less wood chips, more oak bark

Dead Sea Mineral Mud
Nataliya Karp

Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Latest order

I have ordered several times from Sunrise with no problem. This time the service was horrible and I am not even sure I received the correct product as it tastes different from other times I have had the same product. Will have to really question if I am going to use this company again.