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About Us

It happens millions of times a week. A person uses an essential oil or herb, just having trust in the product.

This trust is a connection between us. We make sure that everything we do honors that trust - from our commitment to the highest quality essential oils and herbs in the world, to the way we engage with our customer and do business responsibly.

From our beginnings as a single store in Toronto, Canada, over forty years ago, we have tried to make our connections meaningful. Our journeys from country to country around this world of ours, meeting with farmers, distillers, extractors and research scientists have allowed us to develop close relationships with our suppliers.

We work directly with the growers to bring you ingredients and products you can really trust. We believe in supporting the environment AND our fellow humans. We want to feel good about using nature, and with a clear conscience.

This has paved the way for offering pure essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, fragrances, and all things herb and tea.

The hunt for the highest natural products led naturally to expanding our connections with distilleries and extraction units to countries outside of India and now we are directly procuring natures oils and herbs from Bulgaria, Madagascar, South Africa, Ethiopia, Hungary, France, Italy, Bosnia and several other countries.

Today, we have become North America’s largest on-line presence for pure essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, fragrances, and all things herb and tea.

This is our connection to you.

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