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Ever read the labels on your store-bought cosmetics and were baffled by what was actually going on your skin? Did you know that you can make your own natural cosmetics? Wouldn't it be nice to know EXACTLY what you were putting on your skin? Natural cosmetic supplies, cosmetic classes, and cosmetic recipes that you can use to safely make your own natural cosmetics. When we say the term, "Cosmetic Supplies", we are referring to ingredients needed to make cosmetics as defined by the FDA. You see, when most people hear the words cosmetic supplies, they think of ingredients to produce make-up. The FDA's definition of cosmetics is much broader than simply make-up. Common cosmetics as defined by the FDA would be lotion, bath gel, bath bombs, bath melts, shampoo, and conditioner to name a few. Sunrise Botanics  provides high-quality cosmetic supplies to make your own natural cosmetics such as, emulsifying waxes, fixed oils and butters, dried herbs, and preservatives. We also provide hundreds of recipes that you can make using our cosmetic ingredients.

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