The Most Amazing Nourishing Nail Oil Recipe Ever

This simple nail oil recipe takes only about 10 minutes to create so why not give your cuticles a little winter lovin’ with this nourishing combination of oils? Not to mention, it is a very economical version of something you spend 10X more for in the salon.

Sweet almond oil and hempseed oil are packed with vitamins and skin-loving fatty acids, and the additional Vitamin E oil provides a boost of anti-oxidants. Throw some essential oils in the blend for an added bonus such as moisturizing and anti-fungal properties. Also, essential oils make it smell wonderful!

What do you need?

10 ml Sweet Almond Oil

5 ml Hempseed Oil

10 drops Vitamin E oil

10 drops Tea tree essential oil

3 drops Myrrh essential oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an amber or dark coloured bottle and place in a cool, dark place. Massage into nails and area around nails as desired but at least once a week for best results. 


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