Amazing Essential Oils for Your Kids

I've had many of you ask me about essential oils for your kids so I thought I would share my all time favourite, kid friendly, all natural uses for essential oils.


I am not a doctor, listed below are some of the ways Sunrise Botanics Essential oils are working for my family. Please consult your doctor before you do anything.You should never ingest any oils ever.

For Sleep:

Lavender and lemon are a must! Lavender is known for its soothing and calming properties and Lemon locks these properties in. Combine 1 drop of each and rub it into your child's foot and they will have a peacful night of sleep.

For Fevers:

Peppermint Oil will bring that fever down in minutes. Dilute it with any carrier oil and rub it up and down your child's spine. It works every time!

For Ear Infections:

Basil Oil works quite effectively and it is all natural! Never put the oil directly into the ear but you can certainly rub it around, behind and on the flat part of your child's ears. 

For Scrapes, Cuts or Burns:

Lavender Oil is a must as it has so many uses. It works great to heal a burn, soothe that sting and has antimicrobial, anitbacterial and antiseptic properties. It so soothing and gentle, they won't even feel the pain! 

Please share your favourite tips with Sunrise Botanics!

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