Berry Burst Lip Balm Flavor Oil

$6.99 CAD

Natural Lip Balm Flavor Oils Canada and USA

Berry Burst Lip Balm Flavor Oil

Our Lip Balm Flavor Oils are made only of natural and organic ingredients. They are 100% preservative and chemical free.

Berry Burst Lip Balm Flavor Oil by Sunrise Botanics will give your lips a scent of juicy berries fresh from the grocery store.

This vegan friendly natural lip balm flavor is oil-soluble and free of artificial sweetners.

Suitable for use in lip balms, lip butters, lip creams, lip glosses, or lipsticks.

Recommended Usage: Generally for a fully melted lip balm base you can add 3 to 5% of the total weight in lip balm flavor oils. Careful not to go overboard as it may affect the stability of the mixture and cause the lip balm base to lose some of its smooth and lush feeling on your lips.

Shelf Life: Our quality lip balm flavors have a minimum of 6 months of shelf life.

Warning: Once you make your own lip balm or lip butter using our natural lip balm flavor oils and nourishing butters you will NEVER again have the urge to buy low quality drug store lip balm brands again!

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