Acai Berry Fruit Juice Powder

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Acai Berry Fruit Juice Powder

Botanical Name: Euterpe olenacea

The product is the natural juice powder which is extract from Natural fruit of grape which is purple red powder after the spray drying processing. They are mainly used in food supplement, nutrition supplement, dietary supplement. 100% water soluble with good taste and good fluidity. They contained many beneficial elements and has the function of : (Anti-oxidant , anti-cancer, strong body and anti-aging).

Oprah Winfrey on her website, says about Acai (pronounced AH-SAH-EE) fruit: “This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world”. Our Organic Acai Berry Juice Powder is made from a pure, wild harvested Acai berry that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the Brazilian rainforest and other bordering South American countries and has a strong historical use as a nutrient rich food source by these peoples.

Use our concentrated Acai powder to make yourself a carafe of organic Acai juice and enjoy the huge savings while drinking delicious, healthful, Acai Berry juice. You can also mix in other organic powders (vanilla, cacao, pomegranate, etc) and create flavors more suited to your taste. Or, you can add Acai Berry powder to other juices to get the nutrition of the Acai berry. All the nutrition of wild Acai in flavors you enjoy at a great cost!!! Depending on how concentrated you make the juice, you can get up to 30,000 mg of wild Acai for each 1 oz serving.

Please note that Sunrise Botanics is a supplier of natural dried herbs, spices and ingredients. Information on this website is compiled from various sources for educational purposes only and should not be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Due to federal regulations we are not able to answer questions regarding dosage and/or internal use recommendations. Please consult your doctor or a qualified healthcare professional for additional insight.

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