Aloe Vera Carrier Oil (India)

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Botanical NameAloe BarbadensIs

INCI Name: Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

Description:  Aloe Vera Oil is a Carrier Oil that contains no solvents, chemicals, or preservatives. It is a Carrier Oil that encourages skin rejuvenation, healing of wounds and treatment of sunburn. This Carrier Oil is also used to help in relieving arthritis pain, improving blood circulation, reducing scarring, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

It can soothe dry and irritated skin.

Extraction Process:  Expeller pressed and Refined

Part of Plant:  Leaves

Color: Ranges from a yellow to pale green liquid.

Consistency: Carrier Oil consistency.

Absorption:  Aloe Vera Oil absorbs into skin at average speed, slightly oily feel left on skin.

Aloe Vera Oil Uses: Aloe Vera Carrier Oil can be used in lip balms, creams, lotions, body butters, hair oil treatments and other skin care formulations. The Aloe Vera Oil can be used without the worry of bacterial and mold growth that can occur with the pure gel as this Carrier Oil has much better stability.

Aloe Vera Oil has great healing qualities which makes it a good choice to use as a Carrier Oil blend for aromatherapy massage.

Saponification Value (mg KOH/g oil):  185 -200

SAP Multiplier for NaOH: 0.138

SAP Multiplier for KOH: 0.194

Shelf Life:  Aloe Vera Oil has a two year shelf life with proper storage. Protect Carrier Oils from light, heat and humidity. Refrigeration after opening is recommended and will extend shelf life.

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