Dipropylene Glycol

$11.99 CAD
  • INCI: Dipropylene Glycol

    Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) is produced in different grades and for different applications. This Dipropylene Glycol is specifically formulated for the cosmetic and fragrance industries. It is over 99.5% pure with a very low odor.

    DPG can be used as a humectant, solvent or carrier in cosmetic formulas. Our DPG has a low risk of skin irritation.

  • INCI: Dipropylene Glycol

    Dipropylene Glycol is an excellent fragrance carrier and solvent for deodorants. It exhibits good cosolvency with water, soap bases, oils, and hydrocarbons.

    This product is panel selected to ensure its low odor and is of superior quality due to batch-to-batch consistency of isomer distribution./p>

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