Icelandic Moss Tea Bag


Herbal Tea

Icelandic Moss Tea Bag

Botanical Name: Centraria islandica

Iceland moss is a lichen. Lichens consist of algae and fungus growing together in a mutually helpful relationship. Lichens draw their nutrients from the environment and are easily contaminated. They grow well in Iceland because it is one of the least polluted countries in the world.

Herbal tea such as Icelandic Moss Tea Bag is used for treating irritation of the mouth and throat, loss of appetite, common cold, dry cough, bronchitis, indigestion, fevers, lung disease, kidney and bladder complaints, and the tendency toward infection.

Some people apply Iceland moss directly to poorly healing wounds.

In foods, Icelandic Moss is used as an emergency food source in Iceland.

In manufacturing, Iceland Moss is used as a flavoring in alcoholic beverages and herbal tea.

Iceland moss seems to have a soothing action. It might also reduce the growth of bacteria.

• Dry cough

• Loss of appetite

• Common cold

• Irritation of the mouth or throat

• Wound healing when applied to skin

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