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Cosmetic Waxes

Lanolin, a byproduct of Merino sheep, is commonly referred to as wool wax or wool grease.  Lanolin is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the Merino sheep resulting in a yellow, waxy substance.  It is incorrectly referred to as wool fat; Lanolin is free of glycerides, making it a wax and not a fat.   

Similar to how lanolin protects the sheep’s wool from harsh environment conditions and changing climates, it may effectively protect the skin while making the external layers softer and more pliable.  Lanolin naturally binds with water, creating an effective moisturizer for the skin and results in a popular cosmetic ingredient for skin and hair-care products. 

 Lanolin is produced by washing the sheep’s wool in hot water and using a unique detergent to remove anything trapped in the wool such as dirt or sweat salts.  It may also be extracted by using rollers to squeeze the sheep’s wool to remove the product.  Bulk Lanolin is a popular product used in personal care, cosmetic, and industrial applications. 

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