Lilly of the Valley Leaves C/S

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  • Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis

    Lily-of-the-valley is a plant. The root, underground stem (rhizome), and dried flower tips are used to make medicine.

    Lily-of-the-valley is used for heart problems including heart failure and irregular heartbeat. It is also used for urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones, weak contractions in labor, epilepsy, fluid retention (edema), strokes and resulting paralysis, eye infections (conjunctivitis), and leprosy.

    Store lily-of-the-valley in well-sealed containers and protect from light.

    Lily-of-the-valley contains substances that have activity on the heart muscle. It can affect contractions, heart rate, and excitability.

  • Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis

    • Irregular heart beat

    • Kidney stones

    • Urinary tract infections

    • Infection of the eye (conjunctivitis)

    • Fluid retention

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