Linden Leaves and Flower Tea Bag

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Botanical Name: Tilia europea

Linden is a tree. The dried flower, leaves, and wood are used for medicine.

Herbal tea such as Linden Leaves and Flower Tea Bag is used for colds, stuffy nose, sore throat, breathing problems (bronchitis), headaches, fever, and to make it easier to bring up phlegm by coughing (as an expectorant). It is also used for rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), nervous tension, trouble sleeping (insomnia), problems with bladder control (incontinence), and muscle spasms. Linden leaf is also used to cause sweating and increase urine production.

Some people apply linden directly to the skin for itchy skin, joint pain (rheumatism), and certain lower leg wounds (ulcus cruris) caused by poor blood circulation.

Linden seems to reduce the amount of mucus produced and relieve anxiety. But, more information is needed.

• Trouble sleeping (insomnia)

• Headaches (including migraine)

• Problems with bladder control (incontinence)

• Excessive bleeding

• Itchy skin

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