Orange Flower Whole

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Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium

Orange Flower Whole, is also known as Orange Blossoms and Sweet Orange. Orange Flower Whole is part of the citrus fruit flower family. The peel and juice of Orange Flower Whole are used to make medicine.

The peel of Orange Flower Whole has many uses including to increase appetite; reduce phlegm; and treat coughs, colds, intestinal gas (flatulence), and acid indigestion (dyspepsia). Some people also use it as a tonic.

Orange Flower Whole juice is used for treating kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) due to its high citrate content. Orange Flower Whole may be used for high cholesterol; and preventing high blood pressure and stroke, as well as prostate cancer.

Orange Flower Whole contains large amounts of vitamin C. Some researchers believe it might help asthma because of the antioxidant activity of vitamin C.

Orange Flower Whole also contains large amounts of potassium. There is evidence that potassium may help prevent high blood pressure and stroke.

Orange Flower Whole may also be used to impart a distinct taste in Middle Eastern foods and beverages.

• Treating high cholesterol

• Reducing heart disease

• Asthma

• Colds

• Kidney stones

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