Pain Relief Massage Blend Ayurvedic

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Pain Relief Massage Blend Ayurvedic

Pain Relief Massage Blend Ayurvedic is specially formulated and blended in India using organic herbs, pure essential and base oils to balance the doshas; this is based on the ancient Indian Vedic Tradition.

They help balance the body and mind according to the three Ayurvedic principles called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

This oil is best applied warm, and is suitable for application all over the body (except scalp) in a unidirectional motion from the center towards the periphery without excessive pressure.

• Sida cordifolia

• Asperagus racemosus

• Moringa oleifera

• Punica granatum

• Calotropis procera

• Ricinus communis

• Baleria cristafa

• Withania somnifera

• Aegle marmelos

• Clerodendrum multiform

• Valeriana wallichi

• Cedrus deodara/p>

• Ellettaria cardamomum

• Zingiber officinale

• Brassica integrifolia

• Kaempferia galanga

• Anethum sowa

• Alpimea galanga

• Sassuria lapa

• Trigonella foenumgraecum

• Picrorhiza

• Rice bran

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