Queen of the Meadow Powder (Gravel Root)

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  • Botanical Name: Eupatorium purpureum

    Gravel root is an herb. The bulb, root, and parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.

    Gravel root is used for urinary tract problems such as urinary or kidney stones; infections of the bladder, urethra, and prostate; and painful urination.

    People also use gravel root for arthritis-like pain (rheumatism) and gout, as well as for fever from malaria, dengue virus, or typhus. Gravel root is also used to reduce stomach acid, increase urine flow, cause vomiting, and cause sweating; and as a stimulant and tonic.

    Gravel root might work for certain conditions by reducing swelling (inflammation).

  • Botanical Name: Eupatorium purpureum

    • Kidney stones

    • Urinary tract infections

    • Arthritis like pain

    • Gout

    • Fever

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