Red Rose Buds and Petals

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Botanical Name: Rosa gallica

The petals are antibacterial, astringent and tonic. They are taken internally in the treatment of colds, bronchial infections, gastritis, diarrhoea, depression and lethargy. Externally, they are used to treat eye infections, sore throats, minor injuries and skin problems.

The fruit of many members of this genus is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins A, C and E, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. It is also a fairly good source of essential fatty acids, which is fairly unusual for a fruit.

It is being investigated as a food that is capable of reducing the incidence of cancer and also as a means of halting or reversing the growth of cancers. The essential oil from the flowers is used in aromatherapy to counter depression, anxiety and negative feelings.

Petals - raw or cooked. They can be added as a decorative garnish to salads, and can also be crystallized or preserved in syrup. They are also dried and used as a flavouring in tea, beverages, cakes etc. The dried petals and flower buds are an important ingredient in the Northern African spice mixture "ras-el-hanout".

• Preventing colds and flu

• Boosting immune system

• Stomach irritation

• Diarrhea

• Depression

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