Sarsaparilla Root Powder (Indian)

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  • Botanical Name: Hemidesmus indicus

    Anantamul, literally 'the eternal root' in Sanskrit, is a thin creeping plant with long, red spreading roots and a sweet, aromatic odor. Its Hindi name, Sugandhi, means 'the fragrant one'. Anantamul's color and spreading quality suggest its affinity for the circulatory system and the blood. It spreads throughout the body, cooling and removing excess pitta in the digestive tract, joints, nerves and reproductive system. As a pitta reducer it is used to support proper function of the genitourinary system and to promote healthy skin and a clear complexion.

    Anantamul is said to promote the production of breast milk in women and support the healthy production of sperm and testosterone in men. Its pitta-reducing qualities extend beyond the body as it is traditionally used to cleanse the mind of negative emotions such as anger and irritability.

  • Botanical Name: Hemidesmus indicus

    •Supports proper function of the kidneys and urinary tract

    •Maintains healthy skin and a clear complexion

    •Removes natural toxins from the blood

    •Cleanses excess pitta from the body and mind

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