Soy Wax

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Cosmetic Waxes

These soy wax flakes are specially formulated with partially hydrogenated soybean oil and soy based emulsifier (monoglycerides) for container candle use.

Smooth and creamy appearance with high quality emulsifiers allowing the soy to be poured at hotter temperatures.

Fragrance loads of 9 to 11% are attainable! Golden Brands (444) has a higher melting point (119-125 degrees Fahrenheit) which enables the soy to retain a higher fragrance oil load to give a stronger scent throw.

Add from Sunrise Botanics extensive range of fragrance oils or essential oils to create a unique finished product.

Benefits of Golden Brands Soy Wax 444

 Made with pure, 100% natural soybeans. 
 Longer, cooler and cleaner burning without soot buildup. 
 Made in the USA with domestically grown crops. 
 Renewable sustainable resources requiring plant growth. 
 Biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. 
 Produced containing NO Genetically Modified Material. 
 Easy to clean up with soap and hot water eliminating solvents. 
 Manufactured meeting FDA and Kosher standards. 
 Very stable allowing for long shelf life. 
 Not subject to animal testing.

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