Vavadinga (Vidanga) Seed Whole

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  • Botanical Name: Embelia ribes

    Vavadinga (Vidanga) is an Ayurvedic herb. In Sanskrit, this herb is commonly called Jantanasa. Scientifically vavadinga is known as Embelia ribes. It is called False black pepper, because it mimics pepper in appearance.

    It is a germicidal and bactericidal herb.

    Vavadinga herb is popularly known in India, but it is also found in Burma, Ceylon and Singapore. The fruits, leaves and roots of vavadinga are used to cure various diseases. The herb is digestive, appetizer, rejuvenator and blood purifier. There are various other health benefits of vavadinga.

    The herb is considered to have the following properties: anthelmintic, alterative, stimulant and carminative.

  • Botanical Name: Embelia ribes

    • Dental infections

    • Topical treatment for skin depigmentation

    • Digestive health

    • Worms

    • Painful urination

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