Karanj Seed Carrier Oil

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Carrier Oils

Karanj Seed Carrier Oil

The Karanj tree is a moderate-size (height up to 45 feet) nearly evergreen tree with spreading crown and usually short, crooked bole. It becomes leafless towards the end of March and starts leafing almost immediately with a cloak of rich, bright green leaves.

Botanical Name: Pongamia pinnata

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing: Unrefined

Source: Seeds 

Colour: Pale yellow liquid

Aromatic Description: Karanj Seed Carrier Oil yields a bitter, odd odor.

Common Uses: According to Ayurveda, Karanj Carrier Oil is anthelmintic, alexipharmic and useful in diseases of eye and skin. The oil has been used to treat tumors, wounds, ulcers, itching, enlargement of spleen and abdomen, urinary discharges. It also reputed to cure biliousness, piles, head pains, leucoderma, skin diseases and wounds.

Karanj is among the herbs, the natives of North India have used since generations in traditional farming as natural pesticide. According to the old natives, the presence of these trees near to paddy fields helps in repelling the harmful insects.

Consistency: Characteristic of Carrier Oils.

Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.



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