Alum Powder

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Making Cosmetics

Alum Powder, Additive

INCI Name: Potassium Alum

Alum powder is a natural product found in many parts of the word such as North and South America, and Europe.

Styptic pencils containing potassium aluminium sulfate are used as astringents to prevent bleeding from small shaving cuts.

Alum may be used as an additive in depilatory waxes used for the removal of body hair, or applied to freshly waxed skin as a soothing agent.

Alum's antiperspirant and antibacterial properties contribute to its traditional use as an underarm deodorant in making cosmetics. It has been used for this purpose in Europe; Mexico; Thailand, where it is called Sarn-Som; throughout Asia; and in the Philippines, where it is called Tawas.

Alum powder, may be used in pickling recipes as a preservative to maintain fruit and vegetable crispness. Alum is used as the acidic component of some commercial baking powders.



•Food preservative

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