Ancho Chilli Pepper Whole (20,000 HU)

$17.99 CAD

Botanical Name: Capsicum annum

Capsicum, a fresh raw fruit, is the name of tropical pepper plants that can grow in different shapes or sizes all over the world. The word “Capsicum" also refers to the fruit found in cayenne, jalapeno and spicy dried peppers. Capsicum extract is known as Capsaicin, the heat-stimulating chemical in chilli peppers, mainly responsible for the healing weight loss properties.

Capsicum is used all over the world as a food spice and is predominant in many cultures as a main component of the diet. The chilli pepper family is rich in “capsainoids” which has a peculiar ability to boosting metabolism, reducing calories and burning body fat.

Capsicum annuum extract helps stimulate metabolism by activating a rapid chain of events in the body that help to burn fat and break it down in the body.

•Weight loss

•Improve circulation

•Topical pain relief

•Food Spice

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