Annato Seed Powder

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  • Botanical Name: Bixa orellana

    Anatto is a plant. The seed and leaf are used to make medicine.

    People take annatto for diabetes, diarrhea, fevers, fluid retention, heartburn, malaria, and hepatitis. They also use it as an antioxidant and bowel cleanser.

    Annatto is sometimes put directly on the affected area to treat burns and vaginal infections and to repel insects.

    In foods, annatto is used as a coloring agent. The intense red color of the seed is due to bixin in the seed coat. Annatto also contains very high concentrations of carotenoids, chemicals in the same class as alpha- and beta-carotene.

    Annatto has been used for centuries to keep food from spoiling.

  • Botanical Name: Bixa orellana

    •Food coloring agent





    •Insect repellent when applied directly

    •Vaginal infections

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