Bala (Country Mallow) Seed Powder

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Botanical Name: Sida cordifolia

Country mallow is a plant. The seeds and root are used to make medicine.

Country mallow contains ephedrine, which is an amphetamine-like stimulant that can cause harmful side effects.

In herbal combinations, country mallow is used for weight loss, erectile dysfunction (ED), sinus problems, allergy, throat diseases, asthma, and bronchitis. These combinations are also used to burn fat, increase energy, and promote strong bones.

In combination with ginger, country mallow root is used for the type of fever that comes and goes.

In combination with milk and sugar, country mallow root is used for urinary urgency and vaginal discharges.

Country mallow is applied directly to the skin for numbness, nerve pain, muscle cramps, skin disorders, tumors, joint diseases, wounds, ulcers, scorpion sting, snakebite, and as a massage oil.

• Weight loss

• Fatigue

• Erectile dysfunction

• Asthma and bronchitis

• Cold

• Flu

• Lack of perspiration

• Head ache

• Nasal congestion

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