Barberry Bark Powder

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  • Botanical Name: Berberis vulgaris

    European barberry is an herb. The fruit, bark, and roots are used to make medicine.

    The fruit of European barberry is used for kidney, urinary tract, and gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomforts such as heartburn, stomachcramps, constipation, lack of appetite, liver and spleen disease; for bronchial and lung discomforts; for spasms; to increase circulation; to boost the immune system; and as a supplemental source of vitamin C.

    The bark, root, and root bark of European barberry are also used for disorders of the GI tract, liver, gallbladder, kidney and urinary tract, respiratory tract, and heart and circulatory system; to reduce fever; as a "blood purifier;" and for narcotic withdrawal.

    In foods, European barberry fruit is used in making jam, jellies, and wine.

    In manufacturing, the fruit syrup is used for masking tastes in medicines.

  • Botanical Name: Berberis vulgaris

    • Kidney problems/bladder problems

    • Heartburn

    • Heart and circulatory problems

    • Constipation

    • Diarrhea

    • Gout and arthritis

    • Lung problems

    • Liver problems

    • Spleen problems

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