Bayberry Bark Tea Bag

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Herbal Tea

Bayberry Bark Tea Bag

Botanical Name: Myrica cerifera

Bayberry is a shrub that grows in Texas and the eastern US. The root bark and berries are used to make medicine.

Bayberry Bark Tea Bag is a Herbal Tea used for head colds, painful and swollen intestines (colitis), diarrhea, and nausea. In large amounts, bayberry is used to cause vomiting.

Some people also use it to stimulate the circulatory system.

Bayberry is sometimes used as a gargle for sore throat, as a douche for vaginal discharge, and as an ointment for skin ulcers and wounds.

In manufacturing, the wax extract taken from the berries is used in fragrances and candles.

Bayberry contains chemicals called tannins. These tannins have a drying effect on the skin.

• Colds

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Sore throat

• Vaginal douche

• Topical for skin ulcers and wounds

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