Beet Root Powder

$14.99 CAD
  • Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris

    Beet is a plant. The root is used in natural medicines.

    Beets are used along with medications in the treatment of liver diseases and fatty liver. They are also used to help lower levels of triglycerides (a type of fat) in the blood, lower blood pressure, and to improve athletic performance.

    There is some evidence that a chemical found in beets can help fight fat deposits in the liver. Beets also contain a chemical that might have antioxidant effects. Beet can also increase nitric oxide in the body. This chemical can affect blood vessels.

  • Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris

    • Supportive therapy for fatty liver and other liver diseases

    • Lowering triglycerides in the blood

    • Reducing blood pressure

    • Improving athletic performance

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