Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil (Egypt)

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Carrier Oils

Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil (Egypt)

Botanical Name:  Nigella sativa

INCI Name:  Nigella sativa (Black Cumin) Seed Oil

Description:  Black Cumin Seed Oil is a Carrier Oil that contains no solvents, chemicals, or preservatives.  It contains a high amount of A, B, and C Vitamins and minerals including potassium, copper, zinc and selenium. It blends well with citrus and herbaceous scents in massage blends.

  • Myristic Acid 1 - 4%
  • Stearic Acid 1 - 4%
  • Palmitic Acid 13 - 17%
  • Oleic Acid 16 - 21%
  • Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 50 - 58%
  • Linolenic Acid 0 - 1.0%

Extraction Process:  Cold Pressed and Refined

Part of Plant:  Seeds

Aromatic Profile:  Black Cumin Seed Oil has somewhat spicy and pungent odour.

Color:  Ranges from a light amber to amber color.

ConsistencyMedium viscosity typical of vegetable carrier oils.

Absorption:   Black Cumin Seed Oil absorbs into the skin at an average speed, and leaves a slight oily feeling on the skin.

Carrier Oil Uses: Black Cumin Seed Carrier Oil (Egypt) is a versatile Carrier Oil which has a multitude of uses including treating skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.  There is some evidence that Black Cumin Seed Oil speeds wound healing owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial/anti-fungal effects.

Frequently used as an ingredient in skin and hair care formulations due to its emollient and anti-oxidant properties.

Saponification Value (mg KOH/g oil):  185 - 205

SAP Multiplier for NaOH:  0.139

SAP Multiplier for KOH:  0.195

Shelf Life:  Black Cumin Seed Oil has a two year shelf life with proper storage. Protect Carrier Oils from light, heat and humidity. Refrigeration after opening is recommended and will extend shelf life.

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