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  • Botanical Name: Fucus versiculosus

    Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed. People use the whole plant to make medicine.

    Bladderwrack is used for thyroid disorders including underactive thyroid (myxedema), over-sized thyroid gland (goiter), and iodine deficiency. It is also used for obesity, arthritis, joint pain, “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), digestive disorders, heartburn, “blood cleansing,” constipation, bronchitis, emphysema, urinary tract disorders, and anxiety. Other uses include boosting the immune system and increasing energy.

    Some people also apply bladderwrack to the skin for skin diseases, burns, aging skin, and insect bites.

    Bladderwrack, like many sea plants, contains varying amounts of iodine, which is used to prevent or treat some thyroid disorders. Bladderwrack products may contain varying amounts of iodine, which makes it an inconsistent source of iodine. Bladderwrack also contains algin, which can act as a laxative to help the stool pass through the bowels.

  • Botanical Name: Fucus versiculosus

    • Obesity

    • Thyroid problems

    • Iodine deficiency

    • Arthritis

    • Constipation

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