Blue Cohosh Root Tea Bag

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Blue Cohosh Root Tea Bag, Herbal Tea

Botanical Name: Caulophyllim thalictroide

Blue Cohosh is a plant. “Cohosh” is from the Algonquin Indian word meaning "rough," and it refers to the appearance of the roots. The root is used to make medicine.

Blue Cohosh Tea Bag is a Herbal Tea used for stimulating the uterus and starting labor; starting menstruation; stopping muscle spasms; as a laxative; and for treating colic, sore throat, cramps, hiccups, epilepsy, hysterics, inflammation of the uterus, and joint conditions.

In foods, the roasted seeds of blue cohosh are used as a coffee substitute.

It is thought that blue cohosh might have effects similar to the hormone estrogen. It also may narrow the vessels that carry blood to the heart that can decrease oxygen in the heart.

• Starting labour and menstruation

• Constipation

• Stomach cramps

• Sore throat

• Hiccups

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