Cetyl Alcohol

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Making Cosmetics

Cetyl Alcohol, Additive

INCI Name: Cetyl Alcohol

Cetyl Alcohol is an all-purpose, non-gelling thickening agent widely used in making cosmetics. Cetyl Alcohol is used for the stable consistency it gives products.

Cetyl Alcohol is comprised of 95% fatty acids derived from vegetable oils, primarily palm oil. This versatile material is also an emollient, moisturizer, viscosity stabilizer, and foam enhancer.

Cetyl Alcohol comes in white, odourless flakes, which are insoluble in cold water, and only very slightly soluble in hot water and alcohol.

Cetyl Alcohol is used as an additive to oils and melted during the oil phase, and is a good secondary emulsifier when amounting to less than 5%.

Use between 0.5 - 6% in the oil phase (e.g., 3% for a creamy lotion with approximately 3% emulsifier), and melt at 54ºC / 129ºF.

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