Chaulmoogra Carrier Oil (India)

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Chaulmoogra Carrier Oil (India)

Chaulmoogra belongs to the Hydnocarpus family, which is a common plant family in southern Asia. This plant can grow up to 15 to 20 meters high and has drooping branches with long leaves. The small flowers which are greenish white, form sparse clusters; male and female flowers appear on different trees. The brown round fruit contain many long seeds which are rich in oil (roughly 60%).

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Colour: Pale yellow viscous liquid

Aromatic Description: Chaulmoogra Oil has a strong, woody aroma.

Common Uses: Chaulmoogra Carrier Oil (India) contains chaulmoogric and palmitic acids, and the fatty oil has been found to yield glycerol, a very small quantity of phytosterol and a mixture of fatty acids containing constituents which have been found to be useful in the treatment of skin diseases, scrofula, rheumatism, eczema, and as a counter-irritant for bruises, open wounds and sores. The oil, from the ripe and fresh seeds, has been used as a specific remedy against leprosy in the very early stages and began to be studied by Western physicians in the 1800's, as it was the one medicine that was successful against the dread disease.

Consistency: Heavy and viscous.

Absorption: Absorbs into skin at average speed, slight oil feeling left on skin.

Shelf Life:: Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

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