Chicory Root C/S Roasted

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Loose Leaf Tea

Chicory Root C/S Roasted

  • Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus

    Chicory is a plant. Its roots and dried, above-ground parts are used to make medicine.

    Chicory is used for loss of appetite, upset stomach, constipation, liver and gallbladder disorders, cancer, and rapid heartbeat.

    It is also used as a “tonic,” to increase urine production, to protect the liver, and to balance the stimulant effect of coffee.

    Some people apply a paste of chicory leaves directly to the skin for swelling and inflammation.

    In foods, chicory leaves are often eaten like celery, and the roots and leaf buds are boiled and eaten. Chicory is also used as a cooking spice and to flavor foods and beverages. Coffee mixes often include ground chicory to enhance the richness of the coffee.

    Chicory root has a mild laxative effect, increases bile from the gallbladder, and decreases swelling. Chicory is a rich source of beta-carotene.

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