Coriander Seed Whole (India)

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  • Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

    Coriander is a plant. People use the seed for medicine.

    Coriander is used for digestion problems including upset stomach, loss of appetite, hernia, nausea, diarrhea, bowel spasms, and intestinal gas. It is also used to treat measles, hemorrhoids, toothaches, worms, and joint pain, as well as infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

    Some breast-feeding women use coriander to increase milk flow.

    In foods, coriander is used as a culinary spice and to prevent food poisoning.

    In manufacturing, coriander is used as a flavoring agent in medicines and tobacco and as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.

    Coriander may lower blood sugar and help kill some parasites, but there currently isn't enough information to know how coriander might work for medicinal uses.

  • Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

    • Stomach upset/gas

    • Loss of appetite

    • Diarrhea

    • Hemorrhoids

    • Toothaches

    • Nausea

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