Geranium Leaves (Herb Robert) Tea Bag

  • Botanical Name: Geranium robertianum

    Herb Robert is plant. It has an unpleasant odor, so it is sometimes called “Stinky Bob.” The leaves, stems, and flowers are used to make medicine.

    Herb Robert is used for diarrhea; to improve functioning of the liver and gallbladder; to reduce swelling (inflammation) of the kidney, bladder, and gallbladder; and to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney, bladder, or gallbladder.

    Some people use Herb Robert as a mouthwash or gargle. The fresh leaves are chewed to relieve sore mouth and throat.

  • Botanical Name: Geranium robertianum

    • Diarrhea

    • Improving gall bladder and liver function

    • Preventing formations of gall stones, kidney stones

    • Treating sore mouth and throat when leaves are chewed

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