Honey Powder

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Making Cosmetics

Honey Powder, Additive

INCI Name: Honey Powder

Honey Powder is made from natural honey that has been spray- dried into a fine white to pale yellow powder. Honey is reputed to have antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and has been used to treat a variety of ailments such as cuts, wounds and burns. Its antiseptic properties help to keep external wounds clean and free from infection. Because of these properties, Honey Powder can be used in balms or healing salves.

Honey Powder is also said to have anti-aging properties. As an additive it is humectant, having the ability to attract and retain moisture, and to increase the amount of moisture in the skin without making it oily; hence, it can be used as a skin softener and in anti-aging products.

Honey Powder can be used in making cosmetics such as creams, lotions, soaps, scrubs, facials, masks, body wraps, bath teas, milk baths, bath salts and bath bombs.

Recommended Usage:

Solubility: Honey Powder has good solubility in water solution. To rehydrate, the extract ratio is 25 to 1. Use 1 g of honey powder with 25 ml of water.

Shelf Life: Honey Powder has a shelf-life of 3 years with proper storage (store in an air-tight container away from moisture). It is hygroscopic, so a packet of silica gel will help to prevent it from absorbing moisture and resultant hardening. If it does harden, a food processor can be used to bring it back into powder form.

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