Mimosa Floral Wax

$9.99 CAD

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INCI Name: Acacia dealbatta Floral Wax

Extraction Process: Solvent extraction wax residue

Mimosa Floral Wax is solid at room temperature. To work with this wax simply cut and melt the amount required. A tiny amount will go a long way!

Enjoy using floral waxes in lip balm basemelt and pour soap bases or to scent lotions and creams. 

To make the melted wax even easier to work with, mix with a small amount of carrier oils such as jojoba golden oil and gently incorporate in your product.

Floral waxes impart an exotic and unique scent that makes your product smell and feel luxurious.

Mimosa Floral Wax is pure plant wax and is not mixed with any other waxes.


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