Punarnava Powder

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  • Botanical Name: Boerhaavia diffusa

    This Ayurvedic herb is found throughout India. It is a creeping and spreading perennial herb, with a stout root-stock and many erect or spreading branches.

    The leaves are eaten as a vegetable. The root juice is used to treat asthma, urinary disorders, leukorrhea, rheumatism and encephalitis.

    The extract of Punarnava has diuretic properties. Punarnava helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. The roots have anti-convulsant, analgesic, laxative and expectorant properties. It has both diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore is useful in inflammatory renal diseases.

  • Botanical Name: Boerhaavia diffusa

    • Urinary tract infections

    • Kidney stones

    • Diuretic

    • Diabetes

    • Anti-oxidant

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