Rosalina Essential Oil (Australia)

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Active Ingredient:  Linalool: 35.8%, 1,8-Cineole: 28.7%

Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericifolia

Plant Part: Leaves & Twigs

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: Australia

Description: Also known as Lavender Tea Tree, Rosalina is tall erect evergreen bushy shrub to small tree, 6-12 mm with grayish papery bark. The leaves are soft, alternate, narrow, and the flowers white to cream colored. The tree can be found distributed in low lying swamps, creeks and behind sand dunes. Rosalina comes from the same family as tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and enjoys many of the same attributes as its more famous cousin.

Color: Clear pale yellow to golden yellow liquid.

Common Uses: Rosalina Australian Essential Oil is a well known for its antiseptic, spasmolytic and anticonvulsant properties. It is a wonderful oil for upper respiratory tract congestion and infections, particularly in small children. It is a gentle expectorant with good anti-infectious properties, as well as being deeply relaxing and calming which ia helpful in times of stress and insomnia.

Consistency: Thin

Note: Middle

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Blends well with:  Lemon Tea Tree, Cypress, Lemon Myrtle, and Peppermint.

Aromatic Scent: Rosalina Australian Essential Oil has a pleasant woody, camphoraceous or floral aroma with rosy back notes.

History: Also known as Swamp Paperbark Tree, the essential of Rosalina has been used since ancient times in Australia by the aborigines in traditional medicine.

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