Shea Nut Carrier Oil Organic

$6.99 CAD

Botanical NameButyrospermum parkii

Shea Nut Carrier Oil is not just a great emollient and moisturizer. Due to high content of essential fatty acids, Shea has truly regenerative and collagen-boosting qualities.

Also the combination of elements in Shea, form a UV protection function, which makes it one of the sought after ingredient for anti-aging and skin-revitalizing formulations of skincare.

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed

Processing: Refined

Source: Nut Seed

Aromatic Description: Shea Nut Carrier Oil has very little scent characteristic of most carrier oils.

Common Uses: Shea Nut Carrier Oil provides a smooth and healthy feel to the skin and offers benefits for numerous skin problems including dermatitis, eczema, burns, cutaneous dryness, and other irritations. It may be used as a protective agent against harsh weather conditions where a mild barrier against the elements is desired.

Consistency: Thicker than most Carrier Oils but can be liquified in warm water.

Absorption: Shea Nut Carrier Oil will leave an oily feeling on the skin.

Shelf Life: Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight). Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

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