Soapwort Root C/S

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  • Botanical Name: Saponaria officinalis

    Red soapwort is a plant. It got its name from the fact that Franciscan and Dominican monks in the Middle Ages viewed soapwort as a divine gift that was meant to keep them clean.

    Red soapwort root is used as medicine. Be careful not to confuse red soapwort with white soapwort.

    People take red soapwort for swollen airways (bronchitis).

    They sometimes put red soapwort directly on the skin to treat poison ivy, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and boils.

    In manufacturing, red soapwort is used as an ingredient in soaps, herbal shampoos, and detergents.

    Red soapwort is used as a foaming agent in beer.

    Red soapwort contains chemicals that may thin mucus and make it easier to cough up.

  • Botanical Name: Saponaria officinalis

    • Poison ivy when applied to skin

    • Acne when applied to skin

    • Psoriasis when applied to skin

    • Eczema when applied to skin

    • Boils when applied to skin

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