Squawvine Herb C/S

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  • Botanical Name: Mitchella repens

    Squawvine is an herb. The stem and leaves are used to make medicine.

    People take squawvine for anxiety, diarrhea, water retention (edema), low urine output, varicose veins, sleep problems (insomnia), congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, severe diarrhea (chronic dysentery), and colitis.

    Women take it for treating menstrual disorders, “lumpy breasts” (fibrocystic breast disease), and vaginal discharges. They also use it to ease childbirth, treat depression after childbirth, and improve the flow of breast milk. Squawvine has also been used to cause abortions.

    Some women apply squawvine directly to the skin for treating sore nipples.

  • Botanical Name: Mitchella repens

    • Anxiety

    • Post-partum depression

    • Diarrhea

    • Menstrual disorders

    • Topical for sore nipples

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