Elecampane Root Powder

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  • Botanical Name: Inula helenium

    Elecampane is an herb. The root is used to make medicine.

    Elecampane is used for lung diseases including asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough. It is also used to prevent coughing, especially coughing caused by tuberculosis; and as an expectorant to help loosen phlegm, so it can be coughed up more easily.

    Other uses include improving stomach function; treating nausea and diarrhea; and killing worms that can live in the intestine. These worms include hookworm, roundworm, threadworm, and whipworm.

    Some people use elecampane to promote sweating.

    In foods and beverages, elecampane is used to provide flavor.

    In other manufacturing processes, elecampane is used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps.

    Elecampane contains chemicals that can kill worms that infest the gut.

  • Botanical Name: Inula helenium

    • Coughs

    • Asthma

    • Bronchitis

    • Diarrhea

    • Killing worms that live in the gut

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