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How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

How to brew that perfect cup of tea…It is simple enough but here are some very important tips to maximize your tea experience. A couple of things to remember: Ensure that your is tea is stored in a proper airtight...

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Take Care of those Beautiful Eyes

When applying a moisturizing product to the tender area under your beautiful eyes, be very careful not to pull and drag the skin. Use your ring finger of your hand that you do not write with ( this will ensure...

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Where Should You Apply Your Oils?

  Everyone always asks where should I apply my essential oil blend so here are my tips for you. Essential oil blends can be applied everywhere but more beneficial for the following problems if applied in the right spots: For...

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Amazing Essential Oils for Your Kids

I've had many of you ask me about essential oils for your kids so I thought I would share my all time favourite, kid friendly, all natural uses for essential oils. DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, listed below are...

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