Turkey Red Oil

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Turkey Red Oil, Carrier Oils

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis

INCI Name: Sulfated Ricinus communis (Castor) Oil

Description: The reaction of sulfuric acid with castor oil produces a unique carrier oil known affectionately as Turkey Red Oil, Sulfated Castor Oil and/or Sulfonated Castor Oil.

Turkey Red Oil contains no no solvents, or preservatives.

The unique characteristic of Turkey Red Oil is its ability to disperse in water as it is completely miscible.

Extraction Process:  Expeller pressed

Part of Plant:  Seed

Aromatic Profile:  Turkey Red Oil has a scent characteristic of most Carrier Oils.

Color:  Amber reddish color.

Consistency: Non oily consistency.

Turkey Red Oil Uses: Used for its emulsification and humectant qualities in personal skin care products. For example, it will emulsify essential oils so that they can be incorporated in water based preparations.

Owing to its medium viscosity, it is a commonly used as a base in bath oil and recipes using essential oils and fragrance oils.

Turkey Red Oil enhances the moisturizing properties of the products to which it is added.

pH: 7- 8

SAP Multiplier for NaOH:  0.128

SAP Multiplier for KOH:  0.180

Shelf Life:  Turkey Red Oil has a two year shelf life with proper storage. Protect Carrier Oils from heat, humidity and sunlight. Refrigerating after opening will help to extend the shelf life of this carrier oil.

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